Asking Your Boss to Bend the Rules

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Your work schedule doesn't always match up with your life's schedule. These are things like your child's dance recital, the chance to get a cheaper airfare if you depart during working hours, or some other need. Technically, your employer doesn't need to give you the time off but you want to try to get it anyway. How you handle the situation with your boss can determine whether he or she will bend the rules for you. It's really about good communication rather than some form of hypnotism. Keep these tips in mind the next time you want your boss to make an exception for you:

Your value: Are you an employee who is pulling your weight in the organization? Do you add a lot of value beyond just fulfilling the obligation of the job description? Answer this honestly. At a time when pay raises are unlikely, a potential benefit could be a special privilege if you are a high performer. A great way to raise your profile it to arrive at work a few minutes early and don't necessarily be the first one to leave at the end of the day.

How will it impact the workplace? Think about whether your request will make life harder for your boss. If so, how can you make sure that doesn't happen? Here you need to think like a supervisor and their goal to make sure the organization runs smoothly. Maybe this will involve asking a coworker to help cover your job while you're away. Or perhaps you need to come in earlier than usual to make sure the work gets done. Basically when you present your request to you supervisor, you need to tell them that the organization will not miss a beat in your absence. Show you've prepared and don't want to make their job any harder.

Accept Responsibility: If your absence created a mess, then you need to clean it up. Even if you gave a coworker perfect instructions about what to do while you were gone, and they blew it, it's still your responsibility. Don't spend any time blaming your colleague for a poor performance even if it is 100% their fault. That kind of behavior will ensure that you'll never get another chance to bend the rules again. Also, can you show that you will take steps to prevent the problem from happening again.

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Asking Your Boss to Bend the Rules

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This article was published on 2010/03/28