Communication to Play a Big Role in Non-profits Event Management

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Emerging trends that are fast becoming mainstream and affecting a large number of non-profits and charities need to prioritize their strategies and decision making. These trends are more defined than ever and are likely to influence major organizational agendas. Transparency issues, government reforms, mergers, and increased demand for service are some of the developments that will prove to be decisive for non-profits. However, of all these trends, communication is going to play the most crucial role as far as non-profits event management is concerned.

Growing importance of open communication and social media

Technology, or more importantly open communication, has been impacting the event management sector for quite some time now. Social media which comprise the major part of these open communication modes have undeniably enabled everyone to gain access to just anything and everything on the internet; that to in real time. Minor filtration processes are in place while accessing information made public by someone, somewhere as a post, status update, or tweet, other than just the usual technology constraints.

This prolific growth of social media as effective channels to engage stakeholders is quite exciting and empowering as well. While organizing events such as fundraisers and charity auctions, non-profit organizations can harness the true power of these platforms to reach out to a large number of the target audiences in practically very little time. Their job becomes easier if they opt to go for Cloud-based online event management solutions. This software comes with a wide range of marketing tools, of which social media connector is a key element. By using this interface, organizers can download profiles of their donors and sponsors from specific social networking sites directly to their private community networks. This saves time to a great extent letting the non-profits to stay ahead of their peers in this competitive economy.

It is time now for the non-profits to revisit their communication strategies, because only the most effective ways of communication can get them the best of sponsors and key partners in the market. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Multiple channels of communication need to be explored for reaching across generations and for organizational resources to generate relevant information as quickly as possible. This can be simplified by availing the SaaS based event management solutions. This software is comprehensive, cost effective, and does not require any upgrade or extra investment in terms of  hardware equipments and software plug-ins. Apart from making the registration and payment processing fast, they do a great deal in promoting a certain event, be it a fundraiser or charity auction, all from a single platform.

Social media, in tow with Cloud-based event management solutions is gaining grounds. All non-profit players need to consider them seriously and evaluate how best to disseminate event related information, collaborate with their sponsors, and meet growing expectations for overall fairness and transparency in their operations.

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Communication to Play a Big Role in Non-profits Event Management

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Communication to Play a Big Role in Non-profits Event Management

This article was published on 2012/11/28