How Communication Cements A Relationship

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Every magnificent piece of architecture has some bonding materials. A widely used bonding material has been cement. A building will surely crash once the proper bonding materials are not mixed in the right proportion. So is a relationship that involves two lovers or people in a family.

Communication is the way two people or more pass messages to each other. In relationships, communication is meant to express emotions, pass message that should translate to action or just to appreciate. Since people in a relationship spend much time together and if not they often communicate, its has been viewed as an important aspect in a relationship. In fact even the genesis of a relationship is communication and its fall is more often as a result of communication.

How then does communication actually cement a relationship. Usually, communication is part of the ingredients that make a good relationship. So it must be used in some proportion to the other factors such as actual show of appreciation. Communication cements a relationship if it makes the other person experience the genuineness of the messages. Communication aside from the other components is one way through which a person accesses the heart of the partner. Any aspect of communication that hinders this attempt breaks communication. In a relationship the people communicating want to imagine and feel that they are communicating with the other person from the bottom of the heart.

With communication the hidden intangible factors determine how effective the communication is going to be. The hidden factors include intentions, personal regard for the other person. What these factors do is that they give the communicated message its tone, and flesh. So if the intentions are incompatible with the objectives of the message, then communication breaks down and hence the relationship. Cementing relationship through communication involves passing the message in such a way that the hidden intangible factors also express the same message.

The message "you are wonderful" is simple but how it is wrapped and delivered can either bond the relationship or break it. It might break if the environment and circumstances are wrong, while they are wonderful when the environment is receptive. Environment here does not refer to the geographical features but, the emotional state, the harmony state among others in a relationship. So when thinking about communication in a relationship think about the impact of the hidden intangible factors that affect the communication. Once effectively considered,, the result is a strong relationship.

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How Communication Cements A Relationship

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This article was published on 2010/03/31