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Communication is one of the things you can improve instantly - and by doing the same things consistently you can change other things as a result.

Here is a report containing simple changes and perceptions that should make you think, and hopefully will make you think differently.

Accept that you can only change your own communication, not that of others.

Remember that even when you think you are not communicating you are. You CANNOT NOT communicate.

Communication is not just words - written or spoken, it's how we say something and it's the body-language and gestures we use while saying it. In-fact we believe non-verbal communication over verbal.

When there is a gap in communication, we make up something to fill the gap, and then believe what we have just made up. It is human instinct to make up stuff, but we need to remain aware that we fabricated it, not act as thought it's true.

Smile more.

Listen, really listen. It's a skill that most of us don't use much.

If you forget people's names, it's probably that you never hear them in the first place. Make an effort to really focus on the person when you first meet them and not just be listening to your own voice in your head.

Do what you will say you will do. Keep your word, to others, to your children and most of all, to yourself.

Remember that everyone you meet has a story that could break your heart. Find the human connection.

Find something in common with a person as soon as possible. Agree with them.

You can't change someone's mind by disagreeing with them, find a point you agree on and work from there. Use 'and' as a conjunction, not 'but'. Telling someone they are wrong never changes their mind.

Do your best to catch people doing things 'right' rather than reacting only when they do things wrong.

It is easier to ask for what you want, rather than what you don't want. You will get it sooner.

If you are sending an email while you are angry write it and keep it as a draft for at least 4 hours, then delete it instead of sending it. Re-write it in a more positive way. You can't take back electronic mail.

Learn about communication, go to an expert to improve your speaking skills, to learn about how your brain works. Please note that said YOUR brain, not the brain. Both are useful, one is vital.

Know how you learn, notice that others are different.

If you go to a meeting you should know 1. What the meeting is about and 2. What your part in it is. If you are running a meeting everyone attending should know the previous things so they can prepare.

Sometimes you don't have to be right, even when you know you are right.

If you want help from someone, ask them to help you.

You are on the same side as the people you work with, your clients, your family, your friends. Act like it.

People do business with people they like, building relationships is more important than building lists.

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Improve Your Communication Instantly

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This article was published on 2010/04/04