Insurance Sales Success - Build Life-Long Relationships

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A foundation for insurance sales success is never built on one time sales. To have a highly successful career you must develop life-long relationships with your clients that lead to repeat business and referrals. You have to plan to make that happen from the beginning by being able to answer a few key questions that each person has on their mind.

Each person you reach out to always wonders why you are contacting them. You need a really good reason for why they are the kind of person you work with and the ultimate result you’ve helped others just like them to enjoy. Everyone has a, what’s in it for me, filter through which all communications are judged. When you can communicate a powerful ultimate result you have a better opportunity to gain their attention.

The next thing they are thinking is, why are you the person who should help me with this. You must be able to communicate that you understand them and their needs. They need to know that you’ve helped people just like them, and that helping people like them is the focus of your business. When you can communicate why you are the person they should be talking to you’ve bought yourself a little more time. They understand why you because they understand that you have more to offer people like them than your competition.

A big challenge in insurance sales success is that your now isn’t necessarily the customers now. The people who agree to meet with you are always asking themselves why they should take action now versus some other point in time. Until you can clearly communicate a value that exceeds the cost, later will always be a better choice. You can’t communicate this value until you understand the implications and value of your proposition yourself. Then you must be able to communicate both the value and the time implications in a succinct manner that clearly helps the people you meet with to understand that now is a better choice for them.

When you’ve done all these things right you’ve started a relationship that has the potential to last a life-time. Don’t drop the ball here though by thinking that’s all you have to do. A life-long relationship requires maintenance on a regular basis. When you do all these things right your reward is repeat business and high quality referrals.

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Insurance Sales Success - Build Life-Long Relationships

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This article was published on 2010/05/19