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The older form of communication is speech. In the beginning of human history, people could only use direct verbal speech to exchange information. But this way of communication had many shortcomings. It was not useful, for instance, when one wanted to speak to someone far away. So distance was a problem. And the spoken word could not be kept secret easily. So people wanted to invent a new method of communication.

The next big step forward in communication was the invention of writing. Writing is one of mankinds most important inventions. It solved the problem of distance and keeping secrets, but it too had disadvantages. The written word could not be passed on quickly, so people tried to find a new quicker method of communication.

The most recent development has been electronic means of communication, including the wireless telegraph, radio, telephone and television. The invention and use of electronic means has solved all the problems mentioned above. They are the most effective methods of communication. People will certainly try their best to invent even more modern and useful methods.

Our modern means of communication has transformed from letter writing and meeting face to face to telephone and internet. Today's technological advance of communication has made it very easy for people to find and contact with each other. The world itself is becoming much smaller by using modern traffic and modern communication means. Life today is much easier than it was hundreds of years ago. There are tons of these kinds of networking sites for people to communication with each other. For example, Facebook is a popular networking site that allows one to find old friends and make new ones by simply typing in their information. However, since it is so easy stay in touch through the internet, the chances of meeting face to face for a lunch or dinner is becoming a rare event. This is a disadvantage because a word through a keyboard is not the same as sitting down with friends and having a conversation.

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Means Of Communication

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This article was published on 2010/10/09