The One-Stop Guide to IP PBX Solutions

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With communication taking over the businesses across the world, businesses are getting competitive! With time communication has improvised in many ways enabling businesses to work at a better and effective speed producing amazing results. The mode of communication might remain the same but the tools for using which they communicate have varied with time. One such beautiful innovation that happened to the communication industry was the IP PBX solutions.

What is IP PBX?

IP PBX short for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange is a basically a switching system. Very similar in its function to a traditional PBX, this causes switching between two traditional phone lines, over an external phone line and internal phone line, between external phone line and VoIP based phone line etc. So basically your voice and data can be transferred using a single exchange connection. So now you don’t need separate lines for your internet, VoIP and landlines!

The Installation

An IP PBX system is based on either open source software like UNIX or using certain other proprietary software. Get an IP PBX system and install it to a computer. This computer will now act as a server system. Now install VoIP services in your organization. Both these installations would require a professional. After the hardware has been installed you need to run a software application from the CD. Give rights to a particular user mostly Administrator and then choose your default IP address and Gateway. Keep your instruction booklet handy while installing the IP PBX solutions.

The Maintenance Guide

Once installed you are ready to start off with the best communication tool in the industry. The hardware for IP PBX solutions involves a router and too many wires that link to the various phones and computers. Maintenance of this switching unit is very important as it is critical to IP PBX. Also you need to keep an eye on the wires and get them replaced in case they wear out. Keep updating the software and make sure the PC on which IP PBX solutions is installed remains virus free. If the PC crashes down or stops working it means your entire communication has come to a standstill. So to avoid such drastic occurrences make sure you maintain the system well.

The Various Features

With IP PBX solutions you can enhance your communication extensively. The best part of this tool is that you have a single wire that enables transfer of data and voice which means your organization is saved of the many scattered wires. You will get the regular features such as Called ID, Call Waiting, Call forwarding and conference calls. The entire build up for IP PBX is economical. The interface is completely web based so this ensures faster and better connectivity. You can always upgrade this tool as per your business requirements making it scalable.

If you feel your business needs a powerful communication tool then you must indeed go for IP PBX. Make sure you know your business requirements and pick one accordingly.

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The One-Stop Guide to IP PBX Solutions

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The One-Stop Guide to IP PBX Solutions

This article was published on 2013/01/28