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When talking to people in the topic of people's conversation and interests, do you feel different? Or are you unable to convey your message properly among your co-workers or friends. Or you face a problem of not being able to interpret what the other person wants from you? Then do not worry as you belong to one of the larger group of people on this earth who need to improve communication skill.

But wait! You should take steps to improve your communication. Improved communication can improve your personal as well as working relationships.

Communication is usually taken for granted, that is, until it breaks down. Why did not my teacher get my point? How can I get my counselor to understand what I am saying? Why does every discussion with my mom turn into an argument? Improved communication help you express your ideas clearly, learn from other people, and resolve any conflicts. Most of these skills you'll pick up with life experience. Here are a few tips to improve communication skills.

A powerful way to improve communication is to step into others shoes. In the film 'Freaky Friday', a mother and teenage daughter exchange bodies. It is a hilarious comedy where they both get to experience what it is like to be the other person and in their situation. Stepping into other people's shoes enables great communication to take place, even under difficult circumstances. Many of the problems we experience on a daily basis are due to either a lack of, or poor communication.

One of the best ways to improve communication and break down any barriers is to understand other people. Once we truly consider things from the perspectives of others and understand what inspires them, their beliefs and fears etc, interpersonal relationships improve dramatically. These relationships include: Intimate relationship with spouse or partner, parent and child, co-workers, managers and team, peers, clients and potential clients.

Another way to improve communication is by being clear. Make sure you understand what you want to say before you start. Explain the context of your point so your listener clearly understands why you're talking to them, use simple words and language to express your point.

Another important tip to improve communication is to stay positive. Phrase your ideas and suggestions in a positive, rather than critical way. Be confident. Do not assume that what you have to say isn't worthwhile. Keep in mind, a listener's silence doesn't necessarily mean consent or disapproval. It may just mean that the person needs to think about a response before answering.

One more method to improve communication is to listen actively. Make sure you understand what the other person is trying to say. And see if you got it. Do not get so preoccupied planning what you will say next that you do not pay attention. Keep an open mind. Be flexible about compromises and alternate solutions. Speak with self-control do not just say the first response that comes to mind

Last but not the least learn from experience. Review situations in which you had to communicate with different people, such as a friend, parent, or a study group.

To reduce misunderstandings and hassles of poor communication with your team, friends, family one must improve communication. Improved communication lead to strong and healthy personal and working relationships.


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The way to Improve Communication

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The way to Improve Communication

This article was published on 2009/11/10