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As an alive individual, we have to act a number of different roles which requires from us different characteristics and qualities. But one of the indispensable character which is so important for us is communication. Without an effective way of communicating, we can not get things done whether it is a small problem. It is estimated that about 80% of human problems derives from misunderstanding which in my opinion is the miscommunication.


The first thing you have to do to become better at communication is learning how to really listen. Communication is both ways. If you are verbose especially, listening is important. Ask questions about what you are hearing and say it in a different way. This helps both parties understand if the same things are being said. Many words are loaded with meanings that can be more than one thing.


Think about other's perspectives. This is a very important skill as it lets you be able to say the right thing at the right time in the place that the person might be coming from or thinking at the moment.


Start to really think about your thoughts and feelings. At times people might not understand what you are saying because you don't really understand what you are thinking or feeling yourself. One tip is to write these down and read them to see if it makes sense. If you can't understand it, then you need to work on what you are thinking and feeling.


Know when the rights times are to talk and when to listen. Sometimes one or the other is needed. Don't make the mistake of thinking that people just understand certain things about you. If you don't say it with intention, it's likely that they will be drawing their own conclusions versus seeing it your way. Watch your body language. You need to be receptive versus looking like you are annoyed with people. Also good eye contact is important.


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Work more on Communication

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This article was published on 2010/05/28